Here is what some of our customers have been saying about Licener Single Treatment...

This is the best. Other stuff I've used had to treat again a week later and didnt always work. Only used Licener once. Smile

Facebook post Monique N

Order and received within a few days - have used and happy to say I have bug free kids - very easy product.

Facebook post Mellisa L

Don't waste your money on other products, Licener is the only product I would use :)

Facebook post Narelle C

I bought some in the school holidays and used it... it's great I did comb my girl's hair and it removed all the eggs as well as killing the lice. I would definitely recommend this product.

Facebook post Sharon T

This stuff actually works! Have used it twice now & is easy aswell.. Highly recommend it.

Facebook post Louise T

To all you Mums - this is an awesome product. I work fulltime and there's too many of us in my family to deal with nit outbreaks. This product makes my life so much easier.

Facebook post Nardean F

I just bought 2 bottles from the Chemist. Great stuff

Facebook post Fiona S

This stuff is amazing my 10 year old had been getting nits constantly for months. We had spent so much on treatments with no luck. I would sit and comb her hair every night and since using this we have not had one single nit in her hair. What an awesome product.

Facebook post Karen D

Awesome stuff! Won't be using anything elso from now on!

Facebook post Roxanne D

I brought your product a few weeks back and now i will be sticking with your product. It worked awesome.

Facebook post Ngahuia

I used it on my daughter after buying stuff from the chemist and trying old remedies and guess what it worked.

Highly recommend.

Facebook post by Helen M

I have used this product and it's awesome after one application no sign of headlice or nits for a month. Love it.

Facebook post by Shelley K

This stuff is brilliant although I didn’t know what size the bottles were when I ordered them and really needed one bottle for each of my girls and I only ordered 2.

Facebook post by Karen C

I have just used this stuff on my 3 kids and it is amazing. My daughter’s hair was full of eggs and they are just about gone and I didn’t put a nit comb anywhere near her head. For those who say the price is putting them off I was spending heaps then this and not getting anywhere. It cost me $45 to treat 3 kids hair and I still have half a bottle left.

Facebook post by Sandie M

I used this on my 4 kids last week – it left a couple of odd eggs that needed to be combed out – I did not have to re-treat – it is by far the best product I have used ... one bottle was not enough for my daughters long hair though.

Facebook post by Jen M

It works but I still ran the comb through and got a couple of's the best treatment I've tried.

Facebook post Jen M

Yup, amazing stuff. not a bad smell either.

Facebook post Rachel W