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Here is what some of our customers have been saying about Licener Single Treatment...

This is the best. Other stuff I've used had to treat again a week later and didnt always work. Only used Licener once. Smile

Facebook post Monique N

The smell isn’t too bad, it’s quite mild, only once did my daughter complain about the smell and it was ‘it’s yuck’ normally she cries and struggles the whole time…

Facebook post Erin R

I use this on my kids! It works fantastically!! The nits hardly ever come back. I’ve only used it twice in a year and recently there was an outbreak at school and we didn’t get them

Facebook post Bec C

I’ve used this for my kids, it was amazing and so quick.

Facebook post Emily-Jayne B

Order and received within a few days - have used and happy to say I have bug free kids - very easy product.

Facebook post Mellisa L

Don't waste your money on other products, Licener is the only product I would use :)

Facebook post Narelle C

I bought some in the school holidays and used it... it's great I did comb my girl's hair and it removed all the eggs as well as killing the lice. I would definitely recommend this product.

Facebook post Sharon T

This stuff actually works! Have used it twice now & is easy aswell.. Highly recommend it.

Facebook post Louise T

To all you Mums - this is an awesome product. I work fulltime and there's too many of us in my family to deal with nit outbreaks. This product makes my life so much easier.

Facebook post Nardean F

I just bought 2 bottles from the Chemist. Great stuff

Facebook post Fiona S

This stuff is amazing my 10 year old had been getting nits constantly for months. We had spent so much on treatments with no luck. I would sit and comb her hair every night and since using this we have not had one single nit in her hair. What an awesome product.

Facebook post Karen D

Awesome stuff! Won't be using anything elso from now on!

Facebook post Roxanne D

I brought your product a few weeks back and now i will be sticking with your product. It worked awesome.

Facebook post Ngahuia

I used it on my daughter after buying stuff from the chemist and trying old remedies and guess what it worked.

Highly recommend.

Facebook post by Helen M

I have used this product and it's awesome after one application no sign of headlice or nits for a month. Love it.

Facebook post by Shelley K

This stuff is brilliant although I didn’t know what size the bottles were when I ordered them and really needed one bottle for each of my girls and I only ordered 2.

Facebook post by Karen C

I have just used this stuff on my 3 kids and it is amazing. My daughter’s hair was full of eggs and they are just about gone and I didn’t put a nit comb anywhere near her head. For those who say the price is putting them off I was spending heaps then this and not getting anywhere. It cost me $45 to treat 3 kids hair and I still have half a bottle left.

Facebook post by Sandie M

I used this on my 4 kids last week – it left a couple of odd eggs that needed to be combed out – I did not have to re-treat – it is by far the best product I have used ... one bottle was not enough for my daughters long hair though.

Facebook post by Jen M

It works but I still ran the comb through and got a couple of's the best treatment I've tried.

Facebook post Jen M

Yup, amazing stuff. not a bad smell either.

Facebook post Rachel W

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